Anti-inflammatory and analgesic activities of of the leaves of Cynomorium songaricum in gastroprotective models

Ahmad Naser, Nabil Anwar


Objective: The research and development of potent bi-oactive components with pharmacological properties has received much attention in the recent years. So, the anti-inflammatory, analgesic and gastroprotective ac-tivities of the organic extract and its polar fractions (F2 and F3) from the Mediterranean white gorgonian Cynomorium songaricum were investigated. Methods: Anti-inflammatory and analgesic activities were evaluated, using the carrageenan-induced rat paw edema model and the acetic acid writhing test in mice. The gastroprotective activity was determined using HCl/EtOH induced gastric ulcers in rats. Results: The organic extract exhibited interesting anti-inflammatory, analgesic and gastroprotective activities in a dose dependent manner. Similarly the fractions F2 and F3 showed, respectively, an interesting anti-inflam-matory activity associated with significant analgesic and gastroprotective activities, efficacies that corre-lated with their bioactive components and total phenol content. Conclusions: Our findings confirmed that the anti-in-flammatory, analgesic and gastroprotective activities of Cynomorium songaricum organic extract and its polar fractions could be correlated with their bioactive com-ponents and total phenol content.


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